Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sick of Cooking But Not of Looking

Today I was riding the bus down Fillmore. I was wondering what to get Larry for his birthday. I saw a store window full of colorful things. (Most stores now are full of earth tones, aren't they?) I jumped off the bus at the next stop and ran back up the street to this store–Zinc Details. I found these plates. They're melamine.

Aren't they enough to make you want to get divorced and remarried–or married if you're not married–just so you can register for them?

I bought them for Larry's birthday, because he's already married and has a wife like me. Wait a minute. That doesn't sound right. I bought them for Larry because he likes food so much. He eats very slowly and needs something nice to look at underneath it all.

He doesn't sit down at the computer very often, so I think my secret is safe until his birthday.

But I was so exhilarated about the melamine plates that the sales guy could see my spirit expanding. He asked: "Are you visiting from out of town?"
I had to admit that I actually live here–that I was just acting this way because I rarely get out. And see new things. (I still have fear of leaving the house, but it's getting better.)