Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Phone Call

Guess who's coming to visit us next week!

"Hello, Tom? I'm just trying to get my brain together for this trip."
"Just get your body on the plane, and your brain will follow."
"Should I bring my social security card?"
"No–all you'll need is your photo i.d."
"And cash. What about cash? How much cash do you think I should bring?"
"Oh, maybe $100."
"That's what I was thinking. Well, I'll have to figure out how to get to the bank."
"Just wait for Linda to get there."
"Maybe I can get Mr. Ed to take me to the bank."
"That's too much trouble. Just wait for Linda to get there. She can take you on Monday."
"But Monday is a holiday!"
"Then I'll have Linda get some cash and bring it to you. Then you can write her a check."
"Are you sure that's OK?"
"But does Linda have any money?"
"Don't worry. She can get it from me. I would let you speak with her, but she's out walking."
"Why aren't you out walking with her?"
"I have a deadline tomorrow."
"Well I do hope she gets home soon."
"I'm sure she will. It's daylight here for another hour and a half."