Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Life is Good Sometimes

From Leah Garchik's column on August 11: If you show workers at Casa Sanchez in the Mission that you have a tattoo of their logo, which is a man riding on an ear of corn, you get free food for life. (But you still should leave a tip.)
I'm told by Casa Sanchez that over the years, about 45 people have shown up with the tattoo, but none seem to live too nearby and the restaurant hasn't had to provide all that many meals.

Why not get a tattoo and move to the Mission immediately? I've never eaten at Casa Sanchez, but we buy a quart of their fresh salsa every week. And get this: we spent $176.34 at Safeway last Saturday, and today another $82.56. And that's with the 10% off 60-day promo.

There's only one reason we don't get the tattoo and move to the Mission. It's because we live next door to Chef John. He and Emmy were back tonight, and not only with this (below), but an additional appetizer (crackers with a red pepper dipping sauce) which we ate immediately so I could garner the stamina to take this photo. Somewhere along the line, we must have done something right.