Monday, April 30, 2007

Wiry Hair

I have really coarse wiry hair. Any good products out there to make it more managable?

A. Back to Basics Coconut Mango Rich Moisture Conditioner
Extremely hydrating conditioning fruit quenches dehydrated hair. Softens coarse, thick or wiry hair for added control. Works especially well if you only have four hairs, as shown.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Fish Out Of Water

We decided to use our free movie passes this evening. Somehow, we ended up at the wrong movie. I could have sworn we were going to see After The Wedding, but once all the previews were over, Perfect Stranger began. I had popped the top on my can of Sofia and was halfway through my large popcorn, so I settled in. Some nice acting; bad story.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Don't Freak Out Too Much

Linda Davick
I googled hair like straw and was advised: Lay off the bleach and straightening irons for a while and let your hair have a rest. Use intensive conditioner to help make your hair feel nice. Don't freak out too much.

Friday, April 27, 2007

My Colorful Neighborhood

© Linda Davick
Today driving back from the Vietnamese sandwich shop, I pulled over and started shooting pictures of houses a few blocks from home. As I was shooting the first house, this man walked up the street. He had a suggestion:
Take MY picture!
Thank you.
Thank you.
Where do you live?
In the Outer Richmond.
Is this your friend's house?
No. Bye!
Where are your children?
I don't have any children!
Where is your husband?
Do you want to go to church?
No. Not right now.
You should have at least one child.
Oh–OK! (giggle) Bye!
God bless you. ... E-mail from Aggles: We shoulda had 4 or 5 children (not just one) so that we’d have someone to take care of us when we get old and dementia-laden.
E-mail to Aggles: From the looks of things, we shoulda had 18 or 19 apiece.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

How to Achieve This Look

© Linda Davick

Step 1:
Apply volumizing tonic to roots. I like Bumble & Bumble. Or you can try Aveda volumizing tonic.
Step 2: Blow dry hair until it's slightly damp. Blowdrying tip: Hold dryer above your head & train air downward so it flows from roots to ends. This way hair won't look dull & will be easier to manage.
Step 3: Scrunch hair with fingers.
Step 4: Spray in saltwater spray.
Step 5: Let hair air dry (keep scrunching until it's totally dry)

Voila! Now you have Jessica Simpson's 'By the Sea' look.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Walking Home From Poppa Opp's

Wait a minute.
Is it spring or fall? (trying out the macro setting on my camera.)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Monday, April 23, 2007


We cut out for a walk at noon–low tide. Lots of new drawings on the sea wall.

Saturday, April 21, 2007


I'm so happy to be here. I missed my connection in Chicago, and there were no more flights to San Francisco tonight. So American Airlines put me up in the Ramada Plaza Hotel. When I checked in, I asked for a room with a view. I got a large suite. Sweet! Different from the extended-stay room I've been inhabiting in TN. Nothing fancy, but clean and airy and huge and comfortable. Big fat towels.

And the best thing is, I don't have any luggage. They're keeping it in the airport and will be putting it on the plane tomorrow. Of course that means that I don't have any clothes or pajamas or makeup or deodorant. But this is bliss. A kind of nowhere-land between the chaos of the past week and returning home.

Bye, Mom.

My Hero

Thank you, Aunt Mary.

Among many other things, she supervised my mom's move. And she brought her pal Robert over, who made Mom's apartment look swell.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Tea Party

In order to get in, you had to wear a hat.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Big Train In the Sky

Mom at the Choo-Choo

Tonight was the symphony. I was doubtful that we'd be able to make it the way this week has been going. Two times when we've gone out to dinner, we've ended up having our dinner boxed-up before they even brought it to the table. One evening I wasn't even sure I could get mom back to the car, and wondered if I should be calling an ambulance. We ended up in the emergency room for six hours.

But tonight was The Night. I wasn't sure at all that Mom would be able to eat dinner out, much less go to the symphony.

When I asked her, she said she wanted to go to the Choo-Choo instead of eating downstairs. I've been to the Choo-Choo before lots of times, but I have no sense of direction and I couldn't find it. I even stopped and asked a man walking down the street for directions, and after he told me to turn left and then to go two blocks and turn right, he burst into song.

After I turned left and went two blocks and turned right, I still couldn't find it. I was starting to worry. It had taken us hours to get dressed and put on makeup. And in the middle of trying to get ready, the air conditioning repair guy had showed up, and the woman next door had come over looking for her glasses and mom invited her to sit down, the blood pressure woman had dropped in, and the water wagon had stopped by.

I got out my cell phone and was getting ready to call Aggles in Atlanta to ask her for directions to the Choo-Choo.

Then Mom said, "I see a big train in the sky."
I panicked, thinking this was it.
That Sonny & Brownie song flashed through my mind:
People get ready
There's a train a comin'
You don't need no baggage
you just get on board ...
Then in the distance, I saw that there WAS a big train in the sky, lit up and blinking. Mom may be suffering from dementia, but thanks to her we located the Choo-Choo.

I had to park a mile away, so I dropped her off. When I went to get the car after dinner, I helped Mom sit down on a bench by the door, and told her I'd be back in five minutes. When I returned she was lungeing out the door with her cane, looking very worried. She was sure I'd gotten lost and she had decided to hit the streets to find me.

We made it to our seats at the Tivoli less than 30 seconds before the symphony started. That first Debussy piece almost put us both to sleep. Why would anyone want to play something so slow and lacking in structure?

The Paganini Rhapsody had some funny parts. We left at intermission, before Death and Transfiguration by Strauss.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Still Life With Mouth Guard

It's 1:55 a.m. here, but I had to try out my new camera. I set up this still life in the bathroom. The case holds my mouth guard so I can grind my teeth as I dream optimistic dreams. (That's my free sample of Long Last Lipstick in Bamboo Pink.)

Monday, April 16, 2007

Waiting For Mom To Eat Dinner

Speaking of waiting for dinner ... we could not get Mom to eat anything yesterday. Around 9:30 last night she finally ate a few bites. She noticed my necklace and said she really liked it. Of course I took it off and put it around her neck. She looks great in it.

I'm in Tennessee. My camera is broken. The lens refuses to open. Probably due to too many walks on the beach during sand storms. I'm going to send it back to Canon to see if they can fix it, though it was 7 days out of warranty when I called. Canon tech support is great. They said to send it in anyway, that they wouldn't quibble over a few days. But when they see the shape it's in, they may suspect it's lived its 9 lives. I may buy a new one if I can get to a Target.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Waiting For Dinner

Linda Davick
I actually took this photo end of last week. But it applies to this evening, because tonight Tom and I have to wait to eat dinner until after our Feldenkrais class. And it doesn't start until 6:30! Our teacher, Kaz, won't even let us have a cocktail before class. Starvation is already setting in, and class isn't over until 8:00.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

An Unchained Melody

I think my hairdo turned out great, don't you? I was so impressed by Nina's comment that I decided to ask my stylist for Sophisticated Carelessness instead of Careless Sophistication. When she raised her eyebrows, I explained, "You know. An unkempt, unswept, unchained melody of a do."
e-mail from Jamie: I think that girl on your blog comment page was mean to seem more interested in a beanbag or pillow than your new hairdo.

Monday, April 09, 2007


© Linda Davick

Tomorrow at 2:30 I have a hair appointment. It's been rescheduled three times and I'm desperate. I want something that cries out Careless Sophistication. Something upswept that doesn't require upkeep. I'll take this photo in for my stylist to use as a guide. (figure on bottom left.)

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Egg Hunt

© Linda Davick

Beach Find of the Day

To celebrate Easter, Tom and I and ordered takeout from our favorite Thai restaurant and opened a bottle of champagne. Then I decorated this egg that I found on our walk this evening. Now we're going to watch Wind in the Willows on Masterpiece Theatre–only because we don't have HBO and can't watch The Sopranos. If you have HBO, can you record it for us?

Saturday, April 07, 2007

A Photo For Marie

Marie, I thought about you this evening when I saw these kayakers. Will you teach me to do this when you come out here?
(Not really. I'm terrified of the ocean.) But I can keep a lookout and provide snacks for you on the beach.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

My Sister & Me

© Linda Davick
My sister and I are opposites. My sister once said, "If Mom had had ONE daughter with BOTH our characteristics, she would have had one great daughter." We're going through a tough time together, with lots of help from Aunt Mary and the people at the Terrace, where Mom lives.

I like this photo of us because:
1. Aggles and I are putting our heads together.
2. When we put our heads together, we can be strong as a rock.
3. One of us is very hard-headed.
(I'm the one with the bad complexion.)

email from Luci: I know that Aggles is very smart, and she can sew, but I beg to differ with her regarding her comment about combining you two into one great daughter. In this situation that one great daughter will have very droopy, and bowed shoulders because she’s standing alone, even with capable aunt Mary helping tremendously. But, two great daughters putting their heads together are a force to be reckoned with. Remember what you said about both of you putting your heads together? Won’t be able to do that if you are an only child. I think at times like this being somebody’s child is a very fragile moment, you need to have somebody else going through it with you to commiserate. Even Tom’s support will not suffice since your mom is not his mother (I know, I know a very “eewey” thought). But, you and Aggles have a history with your mom. Both of you have plenty and memorable and not so memorable moments with her. I am glad you are not an only child. It’s a very lonely place to be in.

I like how you said that you and Aggles are very different. I don’t know much about her besides that she can sew an apron and seems to know so much about etiquette and graceful living. And she looked so adorable in a tutu. Those are the things about her that I gleaned from reading your blog. And, oh, yes, how can I forget, she doesn’t scoop her flour! (big grin). And, she notices when you credit a poem to the wrong author.

My sister and I are very different too. She gets along very well with my Mom. She said that Mom is her best friend. They love clothes, shoes, and shopping, and worry about almost the same stuffs. It tickles me how different we are. But, I notice when we have a problem and work together … we are able to tackle things. You are absolutely right about sisters putting their heads together. Just remember how potent those Boleyn sisters were! (of course we don't want to be that kind of potent ... wink)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Here's what you can do if you feel anxious and out of sorts. Make a chocolate cake. Put Easter eggs and worms on top. Then give it to someone before you eat it.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Rental Car

© Linda Davick
On my list for tomorrow:
1. Rent a car in TN
2. Reserve an extended-stay room

I'll be relieved to see my mom on the 15th. It's getting hard for her to keep things straight in her mind. She isn't eating very much. She's moving this Thursday to an apartment where she'll get more help. Aunt Mary will supervise the move, and Aggles will arrive on Friday.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Fun On Mars

© Linda Davick

This piece of sea glass is for Sally Cruikshank.