Wednesday, August 30, 2006

FAQ About my Mom

We made it to San Francisco late last night. Many people here see her and wonder: "What is this mysterious woman really like?"
• Is she a good traveler?
Yes. She didn't cry or throw food from her snack pack. On the way off the plane, she told the pilot that he had done a good job–that he had flown very smoothly.
• Is she proud of you?
Yes. After I crashed her wheelchair into the elevator door, she announced to everyone in the elevator that I was an artist.
• What's her favorite sport?
Table tennis. She won 3 gold medals in the Senior Olympics (over-80 age group). Singles, Doubles, and Mixed Doubles.
• What does she like to eat?
Watermelon, mint chocolate chip ice cream
• Political affiliation?
Former Republican, Strong Democrat
• Last book read?
Dave Barry Is from Mars and Venus