Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My Pal Sal

Left to Right: Salzini holding up shirt I want, Sally Moto holding up mojito

Everyone remembers My Pal Sal. (Also known as Salzer, Salwood, Salvador–and after last night, Salzini and Sally Moto.) She was in town today. We attended a class together at Puccini & Pinetti, so I didn't feel so guilty about leaving work early. After the wine tasting class, it happened to be Happy Hour. We moved to the bar and had some champagne. Incredibly delicious appetizers can be had for $3 at Puccini & Pinetti between 4:00 and 6:00. We ordered one pizza and one bruschetta. Both were extraordinary, and enough to make a meal.

We left and walked toward the Embarcadero, but cut down 2nd Street to Maya. We felt inexperienced–neither of us had even tasted a mojito in our whole lives. For your information, Happy Hour at Maya lasts until 7:00. We ordered our mojitos, and a double-decker platter of complimentary Mexican snacks appeared. It included 2 baby quesadillas, 2 tiny taquitos, 2 bites of tamale, and what I think was mole sauce on a big round tortilla. When we finished the tortilla, there was still quite a bit of mole sauce left. An overflowing basket of chips was set before us. All in all, enough to make a meal for sure.

When I got home, Tom had picked up Japanese from Day Boat Sushi on Balboa. Only some soup and 2 orders of sushi, but certainly enough to make a meal. I happened to look up between bites of eggplant nigiri, and here's what I saw:

e-mail from Aggles: Is “our pal Sal” Salzee (sp) from Knoxville? What happened w/ the guy w/ the “rug” that she was dating?
Aggles is referring to a man Salwood dated a long time ago. When Sal brought this particular guy over to our house for dinner, she called and warned us not to look at his head when she introduced him. Of course when the time came, our eyes went straight to his hairpiece.
But Aggles, Sal is now married to a great guy–not the one with the rug! His name is Pat. He's cute. He's a geek. He loves Apple computers and is here for the Apple Developers' Conference. This morning he's learning to make widgets. Plus, he's nice.