Thursday, August 17, 2006

Amazing Art Opening

photos by Linda Davick
Creativity Explored had an opening this evening. The painting above was still there when we left. It's $90 if you want to race down and buy it. Its size: around 3 1/2' x 2'. I wanted it, but the woman in charge had a hard time detaching it from the balcony while the party was going on. As she was struggling with it, Tom happened to walk by Pablo with the painting of the red face under his arm. Pablo waved him down and let him know in no uncertain terms that he had painted it. That did it. Pablo was The Man. I ended up buying the dino-goat from the same artist. That's Pablo holding the painting Tom bought, and signing the dino-goat for me.

Pablo Calderon

e-mail from Aggles: So what do you do w/ art you buy? Do you actually hang it on a wall?

The dino-goat we put up on my studio wall with pushpins and a hammer soon as we got home. It was inexpensive enough that I can change out that piece every few months. The other piece, the red face, is painted on canvas and beautifully matted. It was $50. But I think we'll need to get it framed to hang it. There's a perfect place for it right over Tom's printer; we thought it would work great there–to symbolize the frustration with computer/fax/printer equipment. We really don't have much art–except mine and my friends' and the little piece I bought last time at this gallery. (It's balanced on the radio in the kitchen.) We had met with our accountant yesterday morning (help!!) ...but still, when he asked about charitable contributions, I felt chintzy, because all we contribute is stuff to ARC that we don't want anymore. We don't give any money to a church or anything like that. So I figured this place is my church, and when I go there and let go of money, I can get filled with the spirit, which I did. Not really charity at all; but a good excuse.