Thursday, April 06, 2006

Vending Machine Jewelry

I'm in Chattanooga, Tennessee, visiting my mom. Sunday I'll get to see my best friend from junior high, Gwen. I might get to see Susan, too.

from Gwen:
O.K. let me know what time you want to come over. do you watch TOP CHEF?
you know its set in S.F.

to Gwen:
Oh! I don't know what that is. Is it good? Would you rather go out to dinner and see Basic Instinct 2? It's set in S.F. too. I know that Tom would never go with me; and you know how interested I am in psychiatrists.

I took my mom to her psychiatrist, Dr Kim, today and actually went
in the room with her and sat through her app't with her so I could observe him. Later at Bi-Lo, I ran into Dr. Kim as he was coming out. I jumped up and down and waved and shouted, "HI DOCTOR KIM!" He whispered "eh." It might have been "ugh."

I raced into TJ Maxx just now and found some great bargains. Lipstick that makes your lips puff way up (we can wear it Sunday). A red beaded book for you. Did I tell you that recently I'm making an effort to buy girls' clothes AND shoes other than tennis shoes--but never can quite get it right. I bought a pair of patent leather loafers for $20. (A $90 value). When I got back to my room and put them on, then put my foot up on the dresser so I could see them in the mirror, they looked like pimp shoes.

Which reminds me–I saw a vending machine in the entrance to
Bi-Lo after I accosted Dr. Kim, that for 2 quarters would dispense a plastic egg with jewelry inside. The best ones were gold necklaces with huge dollar signs dangling from them, encrusted with rhinestones. Suddenly I wanted one so bad! I shoved 2 quarters in the slot, but the egg that popped out was a disappointment. It held a thin chain with an almost tastefully embossed dollar sign on a tiny golden disk. I didn't have any more quarters or I would have tried for a bigger gaudier one that looked like a hood ornament. My sister and I have an app't with my mom's financial advisor tomorrow at 10:00. Maybe we can stop at Bi-Lo on the way and try again. It would be great to be able to wear it to the meeting. Then later I can wear it to the symphony.