Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My Dinner With Carol and Robin

This is my cousin, Carol. She's in town for a conference. She's staying at the Omni, so we met for dinner tonight at Gaylord, across from the movie theatre at the Embarcadero. I'm usually wary of anybody from my family tree, but we had lots of fun. She's a live wire, and doesn't she look young?

She brought her pal Robin along. We made Carol choose a couple bottles of wine, and then we made Carol pay. We laughed a lot.

I asked them if I had to download one song tonight or fall into the abyss, what song they would recommend. Right away, Carol, 55, mentioned Jack Johnson. Then Robin, 35, said, "Yes! Download Bubble Toes by Jack Johnson." Then Carol discreetly got out her cell phone and called her daughter Ava, 15, at home in Atlanta. She handed the phone to me, and I asked Ava the same question. Here's the weird thing. Ava suggested Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson. So now I'm happy to have Bubble Toes and Banana Pancakes in my library.

As we were leaving, I was getting ready to shoot portraits of Carol and Robin. I pulled out my camera, and on the screen was this little sun symbol. This means the camera is ready to shoot in broad daylight. But it was dark, and I couldn't make the sun symbol go away. (See the portrait of Robin, bottom left). Then Robin said, "Hey, I have this same camera. I can make the little sun go away." I don't know what she did, but when she handed the camera back to me I was able to shoot the professional portrait of her on the right, and the excellent one of my cousin (top left).
p.s. Just in case you're wondering why my cousin looks 40 when in reality she's 55 . . . She just called me, and I asked her that question. First she reminded me that I drank quite a bit of wine last night. "But even before the wine!" I insisted. So she divulged her secret. She uses these great skin care products by MD Formulations that she gets from her sister-in-law.