Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Not Your Mother's Bookclub

Sarah Dessen writes books for jr. high and high school kids. She spoke this evening at a meeting of Not Your Mother's Bookclub, whose slogan is: content may not be suitable for parents. It was held at Cafe Lo Cubano. Tons of snacks were served, along with a fluorescent red beverage. The club members, some of whom are shown above, were inspiring. Smart and very articulate.

The shoe below was my favorite of the evening. The owner removed one to show me the hidden storage coffin inside the sole. I asked her what she kept in there. She said when she goes to concerts or shows, sometimes she puts her rings inside the coffin.

Sarah read a little from her new book Just Listen. I asked her if she ever showed her writing to anyone as she was writing. She said, "Never. Not until I'm finished with the story. I've tried showing it, but little comments people make will sometimes get me way off track. They'll say something like, 'That flower doesn't bloom in June!' and I'll be thrown completely off. So I wait until the book is completely finished to show it. As I'm writing it, it's like my own secret."