Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Money Trying Hard to Buy Happiness

On the plane from San Francisco to Chicago, there were 3 boys back from our war, wearing small purple hearts on their warrior jackets. One boy had one leg; two had no legs. Two had head injuries. The one sitting in front of me had half a skull, though short dark hair covered the indention. His mom sat across the aisle from him and helped him with his metal leg. He covered his head with a blanket to sleep. His body shook.

His mom gave him money for headphones for the movie. He gave money to the flight attendant; the flight attendant took it, then thought better of it, and handed it back. Another flight attendant came by selling boxes of snacks and foisted one on him and one on his mom. Right after he finished the snack box, another flight attendant rushed up to him and cheerfully asked: "Do you want some pancakes from the front of the plane?" The boys looked too young to be offered drinks.