Sunday, April 23, 2006

Friends with Money

Last night Tom and I actually went out on a date to a real movie in a real theatre. We took 2 little water bottles and poured wine into them. (See photo). The little bottles fit easily into a medium bag, along with your glasses and lipstick. By the way, pictured is the lipstick that makes your lips puff up–it's called Lip Injection. I wore it along with my cowboy boots. I had a medium popcorn; Tom had a large.

I felt cheated when the movie ended. Later I realized it was because I liked it so much that I didn't want it to end. Joan Cusack! Catherine Keener. Frances McDormand! Jennifer Aniston was good, too. It's a very human movie about some human beings who have money.

A nice note from Roger:
You know that picture of your house and the wine and those colorful towels -- is everything in your place so attractive?
No. I just put out the towels in order to style the photo shoot. And I tried to wipe off the counter. But if you & Jose come back up, I'll put the towels out and clean off the counter again.