Tuesday, April 18, 2006


From Evie:
How are you managing without your car? Do you miss it much?

It's funny what you see when you have a new camera, and no car. This house is half a block away, on Balboa Street. I had never noticed these windows before. When I had my own personal car, I always drove three blocks to the beach (so I could jog three miles on the beach.) Now I have to WALK three blocks to the beach in order to jog three miles on the beach. Not only that, but I have to walk three blocks back. It's a new experience–actually kind of nice.

p.s. Well, I think I'm jogging on the beach. To other people it appears that I'm just walking. Once when I thought I was jogging, this guy stopped me and shoved a camera at me. He said, "Will you take a picture of me and my girlfriend? We've been waiting forever for someone to walk by."