Friday, March 04, 2011


Last night was Anne's show at Gallery 28. I knew that North Beach Margaret–fellow collector of beach glass–lived near the gallery, so we decided to meet. We had never met in person–only through blogging.

I decided to email her in the morning to tell her what I'd be wearing so she'd be able to recognize me.

But how could I tell her what I'd be wearing when I didn't have anything to wear? I did have a neon yellow scarf though, so I told her to look for the neon yellow scarf near the wine table. As you can see, it worked. There she is in the orange Point Reyes sweatshirt (and you already know that's Anne in the striped shirt).

Margaret brought her Shard of The Decade (that's her photo, above). She let me hold it in my bare hands when we were seated in Tomasso's. Margaret, it was great fun meeting you–and the leftover pepperoni pizza was exquisite this morning for breakfast