Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dear Diary

No more beach glass. It's simply disappeared.

Walking back, we decide to check out Java Beach. If there's a table available, we'll have dinner. No table.

But this wondrous sliver of a park is going in down the middle of the Great Highway in front of Java Beach. It's breathtakingly beautiful. Huge stone benches, flowers, and look: they've recently started an edible garden. I guess we could have eaten from the edible garden but we decided to order Pad Thai instead.

And last night: I met my writing pardner Nancy at the Cliff House bar. We had never met–only exchanged writing for a week and hit it off. I wish I had a photo. But it was too dark and foggy to see anything 6 inches in front of you. Even inside, it seemed.

Sometimes when I'm with a new person, I'm so happy and excited (if I like the person) that the words coming out of my mouth don't make much sense at all. I jump from one topic to another like crazy and often realize too late that I'm not letting the other finish her thoughts. I might try to make an effort to slow down and listen.

One thing you must know about Nancy: She lives in Half Moon Bay within walking distance of Barbara's Fish Trap.