Friday, March 11, 2011


Bad things are happening all the time. Today there was the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. But sad things are always going on.

Lucille saved my day today. She lives by Stern Grove and took me for a walk in her neighborhood (Tom called it the Beaver Cleaver neighborhood when he saw the photos). Later she made ginger lemon tea to go with the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies she had baked.

The best thing about the afternoon was just being in her presence. These photos of will give you a good idea of what she's like: Smart as a whip and funny, interesting and kind.

She tutors kids with dyslexia and is unceasing in her efforts to get a reading program into the schools that works for them.

Margaret, here's your tsunami report: When I drove to Lucille'e this afternoon the Great Highway was closed and they weren't allowing anyone on the beach. When the tide started going back out around 5:45, Tom and I hit the beach. No beach glass or rocks or shells at all, and the sand was very soft. We decided to walk back on the path beside the Great Highway being that it was dark and we wouldn't have been able to see a tsunami if it hit us in the face. These birds were standing guard.