Saturday, September 01, 2007

Marilyn and Me

I thought I must be dreaming. My blogger pal Marilyn came to the show! Tom and I went to Biscuits and Blues last night (albeit to hear Jeffrey, Marilyn's boyfriend play drums), but I wasn't expecting Marilyn herself to show up. She lives in Davis; Tom had reminded me the bridge was closed.
This is how I felt when I realized it was Marilyn standing before me and not an apparition. I almost went thrombo! (Actually this is Sweet Baby J'ai, who sang.)
That's Sweet Baby on the floor; Jeffrey on drums. Tom and I ended up staying on for the second show. Near the end I kicked off my shoes and Marilyn and I got up and danced.
Marilyn and Jeffrey. Early this morning they'll drive to the Sacramento airport so Jeffrey can make it to the Thirsty Ear Festival where he'll be playing with Joe Louis Walker's band tonight. Marilyn is really tall. When I put my arm around her for our photo, she felt like a feather. And she ate piles of yam fries! I don't get it. She has the greatest talking voice–like a calm happy bird.