Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hartford: Chapter 3

Last night I sent Mom an e-mail via her Presto machine. It said: Well, after all that, it sounds like Aggles may not be going to Hartford after all. Love, Linda
I attached a picture of three space creatures to add some vibrancy.

Early this morning Mom called. She was concerned about the fact that Aggles might not be going to Hartford after all. "Why isn't she going? What happened?"

I told her I didn't know–I hadn't asked. That these kinds of things were on one minute and off the next. "But she seemed so glad to be going," Mom wailed. "I'm worried now that she may be very disappointed."

p.s. Mary Ann, after I made this face on the sand and photographed it, I was sure that this is what Husbando must look like. Is it true?