Friday, September 21, 2007

I Am The Pest

Have you ever been to a movie and had th ebad luck to have a pest sitting nearby? Tonight I was that pest. We went to the Boa* to see 3:10 to Yuma. I took a stainless steel thermoss of wine–enough for both of us–and we bought a large bag of popcorn. When we finished the bag of popcorn, I went out for our free refull. Sicne Tom had ordered a meduim coke, I ended up drinking the whole thermos of wine myself. When the thermos was empty, I attempted to replace the top (so as not to forget it) and set the thermos upright on the concrete floor. CRASH! It smashed over on its side. (The floor in the Boa is slightly slanted downhill towards the screen–that's the reason.) I attempted to correcxt my mistake. CRASH!! It hit the floor a second time. Several people turned around and stared. I knew, I knew, by now that I had regained my bearings. I attemped to upright it a third time. It clanged to the floor–as if a shot had r;ung out–and the whole therature reverberrrated. This time, twice as many people turned around. Tom touched my arm gently and said, "Linda."

People who do things like this really bug me. Have you ever been a pest? What have you done? Please say!

*Our affectionate name for the Balboa. When we first moved here, all the lights were out on the neon sign except for the last three.

E-mail from Sal: did you mean to make all the typos in the pest post on purpose?