Monday, September 17, 2007

Printing Thrills

I went to a PINC (Printing Industries of Northern California) show a few months ago thinking I would get a glimpse of what was happening in the world of desktop printing. I ended up enthralled with some samples I picked up from One Heart Press. Whoa! Instead of learning about the future of digital printing, I was propelled way back in time. One Heart Press uses a letterpress, similar to the printing process Gutenberg invented over 500 years ago.

After designing a card for my friend Anne, I had a feeling that One Heart Press would be the perfect printer for her. We paid them a visit. Val gave us a tour, explained the process, and showed us samples. Every piece from their press was a little work of art.

Today we went to the press check for Anne's card. It was an incredible experience to attend a press check and not be the slightest bit apprehensive. I knew that Val and Chad would be just as demanding as we were. Chad went through seven different variations of printing the card before the four of us were happy with the results.