Monday, September 10, 2007

Somebody Else's Life

Today when I woke up I found this note. (I added the part about loving me more than anything on earth.)

Tom made coffee and the sticky buns were incredible. He brought back a NY Times, too. The day only got better.

I had to go into town to e-mail sketches. While I was at the copy shop, he went to a beautiful store called Placewares+Lyndon Design where I had seen five beautiful pillows from Denmark the day before. Also I had seen a rubber doorstop that I liked shaped like a tube of paint.

When I was finished on the computer, Tom appeared. The trunk was full of pillows from Denmark. In the bottom of the bag was the doorstop in bright orange shaped like a tube of paint.

He had also gotten a movie that I had been wanting to see by Sarah Polley called Away From Her.

It was sunny, too, and we hit the trail for a walk earlier than usual. Tom suggested a picnic. I didn't say anything right away. (I don't like picnics.)

When we got back to the cottage, I ran inside with the pillows and threw them down on the couch, which is brown. It's plain to see what these pillows can do for a brown couch. If you have a brown couch and want to place an order for pillows, just let me know.

After I took the photo, Tom said: Well, if we want to go on a picnic, we should do it tomorrow when we can get an earlier start.

So we didn't have to go on a picnic after all! I opened a can of champagne and we had salmon tacos inside, with our books and music.

I said: Tom, did you just find out I have a terminal illness and only have three months to live?
I felt like I was living somebody else's life.

Then we watched the movie surrounded by the pillows from Denmark.
I know this is the kind of photo I'm supposed to be posting, so here it is (from our walk):