Friday, May 12, 2006

One Reason I Like Emmy So Much

Have you ever gone to the bathroom after laughing through a meal, only to see a huge olive stuck on your front tooth? And no one even bothered to tell you about it? My next-door neighbor Emmy would never let that happen to you.

We were having dinner at La Vie. The boys were engaged in conversation. Emmy silently got my attention by waving across the table. She raised her left hand to her left front tooth and made a scraping gesture like she was removing something from between her teeth. I mouthed, "Thank you," and turned my head, pretending to gaze into the fish tank. I casually raised my left hand to my left front tooth.

Emmy became alarmed. She whispered, "No, Hon! Other side! I'm mirroring!" I then knew to switch to the right side, and was able to remove the offending morsel before the boys even noticed.