Sunday, May 07, 2006

Mother's Day Presents

Wait a minute.
Did I really buy this for my mother?

an email from Aggles:
I certainly hope you did not buy that chemise for Mother’s Day!

me: Is that what that thing is? But Aggles, I did buy it! I also bought a white one for Mom.

Aggles: Oh – a white one for Mom is ok. But really, she doesn’t like chartreuse and I was afraid you were gonna give that to her.

It's not chartreuse. It's neon. With periwinkle trim.

Aggles: Yeah, well, I still don’t think Mom would like those colors!! But I think it’s great for you!!

me: I kind of liked it, too. But it's too late now. I just got back from the P.O. Anyway, I already have one that just screams ME! (left). Don't you think when Mom wears her cobalt blue sweater, the neon green and lavender will be fun showing a little bit at the neck?

Aggles: I ordered Mom a Victor Borge DVD. I think Amazon should have it to me in time.

me: Isn't Victor Borge a vampire? I don't think Mom likes scary movies.

Aggles: The neon one screams you, not the white one. The white one is boy undergarments. While you are trying to move to a more girly shoe perhaps you might consider moving to girly undergarments.