Sunday, May 21, 2006

Jeux de Printemps

Spots and Scott are moving back into their real cottage. Before they do, Scott wants to have it painted. So yesterday Tom and I went over to help move things out of the cottage, into the basement of the big house. We can't carry much, but we can carry food. Around 3:00 we were sent to pick up a huge platter at Ali Baba's. We returned with the platter, and when we entered the gate from the street, the sun came out. Scott's table and chairs had been set outside in the courtyard, and suddenly we were in heaven. One of the guys in the big house grows orchids. We were sitting in the sun surrounded by orchids. Scott is our wine aficionado friend, and had raided his cellar. We were all dirty and exhausted, but the sunlight and the food and wine transformed us. I said it felt like we were in France. Susan said, "I was thinking Italy." Having been to neither, I quickly agreed.

On our way home, we had to take some movies back to Blockbuster. When this happens, it's my job to run upstairs to Ross and check on things. I looked in the mirror and realized I needed a bath. I went over to the soap. I found a box of soap with this picture on it:

I thought: "Oh! That looks exactly the way lunch felt." On the front of the box it said Jeux de Printemps. Then in little letters, Made in Italy. On the back it said A magic union of the colors of nature with the fragrance of life. I snapped it up. The fragrance of life for $6.99. When I got home, I found the painting on Google. It's by Pierre-August Renoir, who was French. So I was probably right about lunch feeling like France.

p.s. Here's an actual photo of lunch, but it was really more like the painting above.