Saturday, May 20, 2006

Movie Review: Art School Confidential

I had another great idea about how to go see a movie on the big screen and save lots of money. Tom had happened to buy a case of Cracker Jacks last week, in preparation for bird flu. I thought a box would fit neatly in my bag along with the mini water bottle of wine.

I was thrilled to read the Nutrition Facts on the back and to discover that there were only 120 calories per box, and no cholesterol. Sadly, the reality of the situation is pictured below. On the left, you'll see how many Cracker Jacks are actually in one box. (That's a small bowl made by my friend Susan.) On the right, you will see that there are now 3 peanuts in one box (shown: 2 whole peanuts and 2 halves). But still more depressing, the "prize." A paper portrait of George Washington as a young man. Oh boy!

It makes it more fun to watch Art School Confidential when you realize that it's an adaptation of a comic book by Daniel Clowes. My favorite parts:

–When Jerome tells one of his teachers, played by Anjelica Huston, why he wants to win first place in the art contest; and how she responds
–When Jerome visits Professor Sandiford, played by John Malkovich, at home, and the professor's wife appears with tea.
–Professor Sandiford's paintings.
–Steve Buscemi, as Broadway Bob
–Where Jerome ends up
–Kissing through glass

I liked the movie a lot; I actually clapped when it was over. It ended elegantly. But I have to warn you: I was the only one who clapped. And as we walked out, I heard the people behind me say, "That was a disappointment."