Saturday, November 06, 2010

What Women Want (con't)

When I was in TN a few weeks ago Katy took me to her favorite Mexican place. After dinner we stopped by her mom's house to see Faith. Faith's an antique dealer. She was using the kitchen table to prepare for the Jonesborough flea market which was being held the next day. She had scooped up 15 or 20 old miniature perfume bottles (sealed, with the perfume still inside) at a yard sale and was contemplating how to price them. The sight of the tiny glass bottles in all different shapes stopped me in my tracks. Katy and I both gasped. The photo doesn't do justice to the collection because my camera is horrible at night when it needs the flash.

But what I was getting around to saying is that there were some other little objects nearby that Faith had gathered to price. One was an old cub scout ring.

When I saw the cub scout ring, it was all over for the perfume. I asked if I could try it on and it fit my ring finger perfectly. Faith begged us each to choose a little bottle of perfume, but I wasn't interested in the perfume anymore. A few days later the ring arrived in the mail!

It's a coincidence because one of my favorite characters lately (Bertie, from the 44 Scotland series) is dying to join the cub scouts but his mom won't let him. His friend Tofu has hatched a plan, though. When Tofu goes over to Bertie's tomorrow for a play date, he's going to tell Bertie's mom that the club they're joining is called the Young Liberal Democrats Club.

It's true that women love soap, candles and perfume–but some women love cub scout rings more.