Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rich People

Today was one of the best days of my life. Low tide was around 11:30, so we had decided at breakfast to walk then.

Around 9:30 I said, "Are we really going to walk this morning? Because if we are, I'm not going to take a shower yet."

I know, too much information. But Tom said, "Yes, we're going to walk," so I didn't.

We walked down as far as Pacheo. Tom said he was going to make a detour to the restroom by the N-Judah on the way back.

So when he cut over and across the dunes, I kept walking. A little later my phone rang. It was Tom. He had walked across to Java Beach to get an iced tea and wondered if I should walk over and meet him for lunch. I said, "YES!" He said, "Should I go ahead and order for you?" I said, "YES!" He said, "Should I order something like a Caesar salad with chicken?" I said, "YES! And a draft beer."

I picked up the pace and actually had to backtrack a block or two once I crossed the dunes. The place was packed inside and out, as always. I saw Tom at a little table inside. I saw my draft beer on the table. I smiled. I said I'd be right back, and headed for the rest room. The women's was occupied with a line; the men's was empty. I hit the men's. I took off my hat and looked in the mirror. Oh boy. I didn't have a comb. And I had not washed my face even!

I washed my hands and sat back down at our little table. I took off my jacket and emptied my pockets. Camera, cell phone, heart-shaped rock and another rock I had walked past and then turned around and gone back to pick up.

The beer was fantastic–Sierra Pale Ale on tap–and when the salads came my heart skipped a beat. A huge glutinous roll was on the side of each bowl. With BUTTER! I had to eat Tom's since he is allergic to gluten. The garlic croutons were out of this world. The salad was fresh, marvelous.

The other customers were right off the beach, or working on computers, or grading papers. When we left, I said, "That was so weird. I mean, the food was so great–and I hadn't even washed my face." Tom said, "And you fit right in!"

When Tom called me in to dinner this evening this is was on the table (photo). To me that was a signal of happiness. He had been cleaning out some stuff in the basement and had found the lights in a box. So I said, "Tom? Do you think anyone has a better life than we do?"

Immediately he said, "Yes. Rich people."