Tuesday, November 23, 2010


the perfect card for me, published by Chronicle Books and illustrated by Peagreen

Is there a particular time of day when you are grouchy? Of course not. I can't imagine that you would ever be grouchy.

But for me that time is right now. Seven o'clock, and especially if we've been out for a jog/walk in the cold and wind. I get home and I have a little temper problem. I'm starving.

I'll run in the door, throw my shoes down, empty my pockets of camera, phone, keys, and anything collected on the beach. Race to the bathroom. Wash my face and maybe change my shirt. Then head for the fridge.

Tom will be near. He'll say, "Take it easy. We'll be eating dinner soon," like I'm a 5-year-old. He's the one who prepares meals and I'm the clean-up crew.

I'll lose all patience. I can't take it easy. I'll find the bar-b-qued potato chips (baked, not fried), have a few, then get out the maple sugar-covered almonds. Almonds are very healthy. I'll have a handful. I'll pour a glass of wine. But cheese is what I need. I'll get out the jalapeno jack and four whole wheat crackers (the low sodium kind). I'll break them in half and make 8 little open face cheese sandwiches. I see a jar of peanut butter on door as I'm putting the cheese back. I get a knife and dip into the jar for a healthy scoop. In case you're planning to come over to my house for a peanut butter sandwich, don't worry. I don't double dip. I'll get a new knife in order to dip again. And then a third knife and a fourth.