Monday, November 15, 2010

My First Mosaic

Do you want to try it? Find some tiny things. I tried beads and beach glass and stones. Glue them to something. I glued them to a rock. Don't ask me why I chose a rock. Wait for the glue to dry. It will take forever.

Go down in the basement and find an old bag of grout. Dip a clean salsa container in the bag and bring the container back up to the kitchen. Run some water into the container. Stir. Glob the grout on top of the pieces and mush it down.

In 30 minutes, wipe the grout off the tops of the tiny things. Then, another waiting game. You have to wait all night long–maybe longer–for the grout to really dry. But once it dries, voilá! An objet d'art that you can sell for lots of money. So far, no one has offered to buy my objet d'art.