Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Smart Sister

Here she is, showing me where to place my handful of leaves.

Me: Look what Tom found yesterday in the basement! (Large photo). He was going through boxes that we hadn't opened since we moved 11 years ago.

Aggles: Oh I love that picture! Is Tom opening boxes w/ the intent to throw away or is he just bored?

Me: The basement is one of the top things–actually the top thing–that bothers me right now. (Of course there are wars and world hunger, etc). But it's like, as Jung says–well, he says something to this effect: having your basement in a state of chaos = your subconscious in a state of chaos. I mean, our basement is unbelieveable. It makes the house Mom lived in seem like the most orderly place in the universe.

Aggles: Bachelard (Poetics of Space) says that your basement is your subconscious. It is just good mental hygiene to keep your basement and closets clean and tidy. Oh! And never use that space under your bed as storage! "Take care of the hidden and the seen will take care of itself!"

Me: I agree with Bachelard on that. I don't have anything under the bed except the scale. Do you? That is such a good quote, too.

Aggles:  Oh thanks! I made up that quote. Barchelard is too old 'n French to say anything like that.

Here I am, racing out the door to Fed Ex to ship this to Aggles for Christmas.