Friday, March 12, 2010

Phone Conversation (20 Years Ago Today)

from my black journal: Sunday, March 12, 1990

Me: I like Roy. I hope Aggles still likes him.

Mom: I do too. I like him because he likes to talk. I hope things are all right between Aggles and Roy. It burns me up the way Mark takes up so much of her time.

Me: Mark doesn't take her time! She gives him her time.

Mom: Well, I was talking to Roy a while back and I asked him if Mark still preferred men.

Me: Mom! You asked Roy that?

Mom: Yes I did. Well, I guess it is Aggles who gives Mark her time. But Golly. Do you know what Mark draws pictures of? Dragons!

Me: Mom. Those are drawings Aggles saved from junior high school. All boys in junior high school draw dragons.

Mom: Well Aggles wasn't very happy about Roy's buying that car and I'm afraid she's not letting him forget about it.

Me: I'd be mad, too.

Mom: Well, see that's not the way things used to be. I was happy for Kenneth to go out and come home with a car.

Of course I never cared for that black one.

Me: What black one?

Mom: You know, that black one we drove down here when we moved.

Me: That was navy blue.

Mom: Oh, was it? Well, it was just so boxy. There was no elegance about it.

Me: What makes you think Aggles isn't letting Roy forget his poor car choice?

Mom: Well, there was that inflatable dinosaur hanging from the ceiling. She hung it up herself. He didn't help her.

Me: Mom, that was a birthday present from Aggles.

Mom: Oh was it? I thought she hung it up there just to get at him. I somehow connected it with those drawings Mark did.

Me: (in shock) Mom! That dinosaur was a nice thing.

Mom: Well I wouldn't want to have that hanging in my living room.