Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pancake #5

Pancake #5 was actually made and photographed yesterday (while Tom was at the farmers' market). I did what Jane said and tried using yogurt and fruit as a topping instead of maple syrup.

This morning is the first time I made one of Jane's award-winning pancakes for Tom. I made two pancakes (#6 and #7) simultaneously in two different pans so we could eat them at the same time.

My pancake (made in the nonstick pan) didn't turn out at all. It was more like scrambled pancake. But Tom's turned out perfectly. He put a little maple syrup and some apricots and cinnamon on his.

Here's what he said after the first bite:
"It tastes good. I never would have imagined. I apologize for all the comments I made about it."

Another bite or two:
"It's quite good."

Suddenly I remembered I had forgotten one of the three ingredients! "Oh no. I forgot all about the crispy almonds!"

Tom: "It's not your fault you forgot. It's really only seven o'clock." Comments like this are the glue that binds the fabric of marriage together.

I get out a container of whole almonds and we throw a handful on top of our pancakes. In a flash the cakes are gone.

Tom: "I want another one. That was good. You can make it for me every morning."

• • • • • • • • • • •

Contrast the exchange above with the one below from my black journal (20 years ago, March 29), and tell me whether or not you think our marriage has improved:

Tom: "Linda? Please don't bother me for one hour."

Me: "Does that include verbal abuse, or just physical torture?"