Friday, March 05, 2010

Divine Intervention

Laurie Colwin is the writer who I couldn't think of, and Home Cooking was the specific book. And Katy won the bottle of limoncello. But I was upset to find the book out of print. And then Sally said she had some books by Laurie Colwin. But this didn't happen to be one of them. And then I was certain Green Apple Books would have it, but they didn't.

Guess what I discovered today! Home Cooking is being re-issued on March 23, yes, March 23rd. That's 16 days from now.

March 6 8:01:55 AM (e-mail from Aggles): 
Did you remember that you gave me that book ~20 years ago? I still have it.

March 6 8:36:09 AM (reply to Aggles): 
NO!!! Do you like it? Can I borrow it?

March 6 8:48:31 AM (e-mail from Aggles): 
Oh I love it! HA! I've kept it all this time and believe me - I've done a lot or purging w/ my cookbooks! It's a very chatty kinda book so I don't really cook from it but it's got this recipe for Black Cake that I've always wanted to try. (Gosh 20 years and I still haven't made that cake. Wonder how much longer it will take? Hahahahaha!)

March 6 10:50 AM (text from Aggles): 
Book is in the mail!

March 6 10:51 AM (text to Aggles): 
Aggle, u r the best sister in the universe.