Monday, November 10, 2008

Low Tide

I've never considered myself a social person, but I'm so surprised by how good it feels to get comments from my friends when I post something sad. I think I depend on people an awful lot.

When I first started blogging I attended a get-together in San Jose. At the time I didn't know anyone personally who blogged and so I was really hungry to meet other women who blogged.

Through this conference I came into contact with some interesting women and made careful lists of their blogs. But when I returned home I found that most of the blogs I had collected were written by depressed writers who were going through crisis after crisis. I got the impression that you had to be troubled in order to write a respectable blog. I read several of the blogs on my list avidly for a few months, but the crises never seemed to let up and then I had had enough. Such an oddball introduction to blogging made me never want to be that kind of blogger.

So thanks for listening and for the comfort you give. Luci even sent me this photo of her son's new collection: paper airplanes. It knocked me off my feet! She says he makes a new one each day, so there will be more and more.