Saturday, November 08, 2008

Liver Lover

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Do you like to have a drink or two in the evening? Does your doctor caution you about your liver? If so, here's a recipe I call the Liver Lover. I learned about this from Mary Ann last year. Since then I've made sure to knock back one Liver Lover every evening without fail, and so far my liver remains intact.


1 cup of hot water
(or room temp. if in hurry)

juice of one lime
(or healthy squirt from screw-top plastic lime)

Mix and swallow. Uncork bottle of wine and drink with impunity.

If you're the kind of person who finds it tedious to follow a link, here's the nitty gritty straight from Mary Ann's blog, which she actually cut and pasted from Ms. Beetnik's Breast Cancer Adventure blog:

Every time I go to see Efrem Korngold at Chinese Medicine Works, he works on my liver because my liver, which is an incredibly important organ, is weak. Like the majority of other Americans, I've led a life of excess ... too many unhealthy, over-processed foods that have had all the nutrients sucked or bleached out of them, too much work and not enough play, too much worrying about money money money ... all of which overtaxed me and my poor liver.

What happens when your liver isn't working optimally? Well, its job is to rid your body of numerous nasty toxins. If that doesn't happen, you end up f....cking yourself over in oh so many ways ...

But if you don't want to do acupuncture or get the herbs, here are two simple tips for strengthening your liver: 1) Drink a cup of hot water with the juice of one lime in it every day (or as often as you want), and 2) Add 1/2 to 1 tsp. a day of lecithin granules to your diet.

Efrem said that the lime drink is like "giving your liver a big hug."

Thanks, Mary Ann–although it worries me a little that I can't seem to locate Ms. Beetnik or her blog anymore.