Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Aggles' Nacho Meditation

Aggles tailored this meditation technique especially for me:

Here’s a nice little meditation for you to experiment with. Set a length time for however long you’d like to do this – 8 to 10 minutes is plenty fine.

Sit somewhere nice and comfortable and close your eyes lightly. Let your awareness settle on any physical or emotional sensations going on. Just gently feel the sensations. No need to analyze or give words to them. (If words come just let them flit away as you go back to being aware of the sensation.) If no sensations in particular come forth just very lightly become aware of your sensation of your breath in your nose as you inhale and exhale.

When your 8 to 10 minutes is up, do a stretch or two for a minute or two (still sitting) until you’re ready to get up. Light activity is always nice after this. I suggest eating nachos or throwing a load of laundry in the washer.

Don’t hassle the meditation. It will be what it will be. It will take you where you need to go. Don’t be concerned w/ whether or not you are doing it right. Let it go. No need to analyze the experiment or analyze the after effects in your daily life. No need to search for evidence that this is “working.” Let it go and eat some chips and dip.