Sunday, November 02, 2008

Dharma Mix

I don't see how you could, but if you get tired of listening to All the Road Running after hearing it 700 times, you can download Pandora and create your own radio station. It's amazing. Or, you can make a dharma mix to listen to as you jog.

I listened to a talk by Eugene Cash this evening and have already downloaded The Dharma of Food for my next walk.

Then, when you get back home and you're starving, you can uncork a bottle of Meridian Pinot Noir and make a batch of Dharma Mix. Here's how:

Find a bowl. An empty bowl. Pour a bag of Trader Joe's Oriental Rice Crackers into the bowl. Add all the little bags of airplane peanuts you've saved. Mix well. Do you have any leftover Butterfinger bars from Halloween? Crumble and sprinkle liberally on top. Dharma!