Monday, November 03, 2008

A Good Question

It's fun reading other people's mail, isn't it? Here's part of an e-mail message I received today: (Names have been changed to protect the lazy writer's identity)

... Today is my sister’s birthday. Andrew was busy making her gift last week. He used in conjunction to his “science” experiment. He had totally forgotten to inform his teacher that Jean does not live close by anymore. Now they are wondering how to ship her gift without it melting on the way. In the midst of economic instability, my sister quit her job and moved to San Diego. Jean has the need to accomplish more. She is competitive, driven, and focused in her goals. She knew that she had reached the highest she could in her previous job, and was not willing to complacently wait for her boss to retire to get the top spot. She moved on to a bigger field with more space to expand and endless possibilities. I did not know about this until I heard it second hand from my aunt.

I am known for my non-ambitious nature in the family a.k.a. lazy. But I do admire my sister’s boldness in taking the step to expand her wings. I understand her need to fly and soar. Every persons have different songs that they soul sing. It’s just while singing their song, they should never forget that their worth is never determined by how well they sing their song.

As a very lazy person with not much things to brag about I learned to understand my worth not from my accomplishments or my knowledge. Such things do not last. One can be brilliant, let’s say, in music. Then something happened to his playing hands. Poof, the gem is gone. One can be a genius. A nasty bump to the head scrambles his brain. Kapoosh, the gem is gone. Worth must go further than skill and talent. What do you based yours upon, Linda? What makes your soul sing? What makes you feel confident? What do you based your worth upon?

This question really bothers me. So I want to skip over me and move on to you. What do you base your worth on?