Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Mom isn't remembering to eat, or whether it's morning or evening, and sometimes she's forgetting who we are. We'll be helping her move to the "memory area"–not this coming weekend, but the next. We're having a hard time figuring out how to tell her. When we thought we would be helping her move a couple months ago, she got pretty upset.

This evening Mom called in a state because the phone by her bed had been taken. When I insisted that she go back in to check again, it had been returned and was on the floor unplugged. I called the front desk. They promised to send someone up to plug it back in and to calm her down. I emailed Margaret about it, who wrote back:

This reminds me of the night a couple weeks ago right before I went to Ch'oogers last time, when Mom called in distress 'cuz the numbers on the phone in her bedroom were no longer in the correct order. Instead of going




they went




I told her they were just numbers and would work the same.

Then when I got to Chattanooga I looked at her phone and sure enough it was rotated 90 degrees.