Friday, October 03, 2008


Tomorrow Aggles is driving up to Chattanooga to explain to my mom that we'll be helping her move to the memory ward next weekend.

I had wondered if it wouldn't be easier on everyone just to wait til next Friday when we're both there. Then there wouldn't be 4 days of anguish on Mom's part before she moves, and Aggles and I could have each other for moral support.

Here's an e-mail from Aggles in response to my suggestion we wait until the night before the move to tell Mom:

I think our anxiety is being counter-productive.

We cannot make Mom happy and anxiety free. Ever. And that’s not our role. Handholding has done enough damage over the years and yes I realize she’s 87 and not about to change but I do not at this moment see that popping in and saying “Hi Mom! We’re here to move you!” is the right thing to do. It smacks of conspiracy and dishonesty and lack of courage.

Aggle, I admire you more than words can say. May the Big Bright Spirit inhabit every cell of your body tomorrow.