Friday, October 24, 2008

3 x 3

Today at lunch I looked over and saw all the stones I had collected, lying abandoned on a folded-up pink tablecloth. I thought: If I'm having so much trouble shooting a hundred items at once, why not shoot the items individually? I went outside in the shade and took 10 or 12 shots with my hand braced on my knee. I pieced nine of them together; there's something I like about this. I'll try the baby tripod tomorrow, and go for a hundred.

I got so excited about this new idea that I shot 64 little pebbles on the beach this evening. Below are 36 of those. This piece doesn't seem so successful; the small scale probably doesn't help. I'm still intrigued by the idea.

One reason I was able to "focus" today was that I had a relatively good conversation with Mom. She said that she had had a successful morning, which was music to my ears. She had sat down at the piano in the dining room and played. She says she needs sheet music in order to really play, though. Aggles says there's a good music store nearby, and she'll look for some music tomorrow to take next weekend.