Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Neurotic Dreams and An Emergency

This evening we were too weary to go on our usual hike, so we walked up the street to Sutro Park. Not a bad decision! The view (from the ruins of the Sutro mansion) does not hurt one's spirits in the least.

Me: Tom, I had an erotic dream last night. And you were in it.

Tom: (not seeming very interested at all) A neurotic dream? What happened?

One minute ago as I was about to post this, Tom's phone rang and I overheard this conversation:

Hi, Michelle! How are you?

What kind of oven is it? Is it an electric oven?

Do you have any baking soda?

We have a fire extinguisher, but it's a million years old.

Why don't I come over and look at it.

Because if your house catches on fire, and it spreads to Elizabeth's house, then it spreads to John and Em's, then it jumps over to our house, we'll be pissed.

Ok, then. I'll be right there.

Tom, wait. Let me find something for you to take to Michelle. I know there's a bag of candy in here somewhere... just wait one minute.