Thursday, July 10, 2008

Multiple Choice Contest

When I was a kid I was crazy about badges. I would have loved to have owned this many badges! When I was five and had my tonsils out, I got to choose a hospital present from the Sears catalog. I chose an Army suit because it came with lots of badges already sewn on.

Guess who the kid is above. Choose from the answers below. First one with the correct answer wins this handsome badge (Blinky the Mutated Fish from The Simpsons).

My nephew Pete (He's a fly fisher and ties his own flies. Each one is a little gem.)

2. Luci's son Christer (It's obvious to anyone who knows him that he's a great artist.)

3. Aggle's godson Morgan (He's conducted over 37 interviews/podcasts in the old folks home where she volunteers showing movies.)

4. Leonard Cohen's grandson Eric (Eric moved 3 houses down from us last Christmas.)
Limit one entry per household

But back to me for a moment. When I was a kid, nothing excited me more than diagrams like the one at left entitled Where to Place Insignia on a Uniform. The very word "insignia" transported me into a state of bliss.

In desperation I joined the Girl Scouts so I could have my own sash full of badges. I doubled up on the work, doing "independent studies" at home in order to obtain the camera badge (big black Rolleiflex), while simultaneously working along with the troop to earn the cooking badge (skillet with 2 eggs). It was hopeless. The cooking especially. The whole process took an eternity. I didn't have the perseverance of the industrious boy in the photo. I quit long before Girl Scout Cookie season rolled around.