Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Another Great Book

I met Bridget last week. She was visiting Emmy next door. Bridget is nine years old and lives in Ohio. When Tom told her I was writing a book, she promised to send me a book she had written and illustrated. It came today! I couldn't put it down–I read the whole thing in one sitting. Here's an excerpt:

Chapter One: A Bug

One day I was walking through the woods and saw a bug. I said, "I think I will keep you." I put it in the jar that I brought and took it home. When I got home I said, "I think I will name you .... Buggy. Yeah! That's a good name!" So I fed it some food. Then I took it out of the jar and played with Buggy for an hour. When the time was 6:10 we ate dinner. I ate spaghetti and Buggy ate leafs. I gave Buggy some too but he didn't like it. So after that I put Buggy to bed and I went to bed too. I said, "Good night." Then we both went to sleep. It was the next day and I woke up. I said, "Good morning, Buggy." But when I looked in the jar Buggy was GONE! Where could he be I thought. Then I went down stairs to make breakfast and guess what! Buggy was making breakfast! I said, "Something smells GOOD!"

If this isn't enough to whet your appetite, get a load of this: After breakfast Bridget and Buggy go outside and it's SNOWING!!! So they go sledding for 25 minutes. Then, tragedy strikes. When Bridget looks at Buggy in her hand, ..."he was, he was, he was DEAD! I couldn't believe my eyes." Later Buggy comes back to life and explains to Bridget exactly how this happened.

Would you buy this book?