Friday, July 11, 2008

And The Winner Is ...

Christer's badges up close

Stray G!

From: Luci
Subject: PS
Date: July 7, 2008 12:08:26 PM PDT
To: Linda

PS: I'm enclosing Christer's picture in his newest pathfinder uniform, and his newly acquired badges. He still needs to receive 6 more. I told him my fingers could not handle all the sewing, so he safety pinned his badges to the sash. :)

I tried to enlist Luci herself to throw everyone off course, but she couldn't fool Stray.

But see what I mean? Luci's son is still waiting to receive SIX badges, even though he's already earned them.

After earning my Girl Scout cooking badge, I was already a shell of my former self. But then my troop leader had to order the badges, which took another four-to-six weeks to arrive. Talk about delayed gratification ... to a kid, four-to-six weeks is a lifetime.