Sunday, February 25, 2007


Tom is right. This might look a little funny to his clients who slink through my studio on the way to the bathroom.

I was getting behind on my Under-$10-a-Bottle Wine Reviews and had resorted to scribbling notes directly on the labels. Then setting the bottles next to my computer so I would remember to write about them. But after a while I stopped seeing the bottles altogether.

When Tom and Spots (and Scott) set out on another wine shopping expedition yesterday, I knew the time had come to finish up reviewing the first case. Below are four mini-reviews:

1. Calderona Tinto Roble 04: Smooth
2. Dow Vale Do Bonfim 04: Gulped it down w/out tasting
3. Black Wing Shiraz 04: a favorite
4. Lyeth Sonoma Cabernet 04: Robust*

*I've noticed that successful people use this word often. Try it out today and notice the effect it has on your career.

for example, you might say:
• "The logo you chose is robust."
• "Your new campaign has legs, but in order for it to succeed, its rollout has got to be robust."
• "Not only does your boss have legs, but she is very robust." (don't really try this one.)