Saturday, February 10, 2007

Notes On A Scandal Candle

One of the best things about Notes On A Scandal: If you see it at the Bridge and order a medium coke, the popcorn guy will say: "For 25 cents more you can get a large coke, plus a free scandal candle."

When you get home and tear open the box, you'll find a candle in the shape of an apple-for-the-teacher. (Fun!) Though Tom thought it was the apple from the Garden of Eden.
3 Things I Like About the Movie:
1. The boy who plays Sheba's son with Down Syndrome! All his scenes are full of life.
2. Great editing. The movie moves right along. For instance, only two seconds of her son's school play is shown. But it's a spectacular two seconds and it lends lots of color to the movie as a whole.
3. Judi Dench and Cate Blanchett.

3 Things I Dislike About the Movie:
1. The girl who plays Sheba's daughter stands out as a mediocre actor.
2. OK, OK, so you fall in love with your 15-year-old student. But do you really lie down with him in a mud puddle by the train tracks? Where's your sense of decorum?
3. The way over-the-top melodrama where Judi's character emerges from the vet's office and runs into Sheba's family going to the play.