Thursday, February 08, 2007

Lucky Winners, Choose Your Prizes

Waterfall, 'tude, & Dee: You may now claim your prize. Whoever arrives first gets first choice, whoever arrives second gets second choice, and–you guessed it–whoever arrives third gets third choice. Marie, the runner-up, collects the remains.

Strange: The pocket calendars were half price. And you're probably thinking that my New Years contest came a little late. But I think I got a great bargain being that the Chinese New Year doesn't even start until February 18. Plus, each calendar includes a full color subway map of Tokyo.

Some notes to help you make your decision:
1. Mixed Cats / Cats Know Various Things. The fine print: It is commonly believed that character is peculiar to humans. However, each cat has its own individuality.
2. Wanroom / Let's Enjoy Wanroom life! The fine print: Living Resort/Play Design/Relaxing Modernity/Feel Natural!
3. (Picture of Frog. Silver Raindrops) The fine print: kitto ashitawa tsuginohi kerori
4. Monokuro Boo The fine print: love enjoy? happy? boo! simple is best!

p.s. I don't want you to think I turned a deaf ear to your implorings for chocolate. I actually bought some, but by the time I got home, I discovered it had been tampered with.