Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Who's Your Role Model?

my grandmother as a kid, Helen Mirren (from Gap Inc.)

My movie star role model is Helen Mirren (Detective Superintendent Jane Tennison) from PBS's Prime Suspect. The last episode ever was on Sunday.

My real life role model is my grandmother on my dad's side. Unlike Detective Tennison, she was relaxed. She had a greenhouse and sold plants. She was generous with her spare change, and overlooked my bad habits.
e-mail from Katy: Please tell me why Jane T (or is it Helen in the Gap ad?) is your role model. I love that show.
e-mail to Katy: Well, both Jane T and Helen in the Gap ad are my role models. I love Detective T.'s tenacity and her good instincts and her good heart, and that she acts like a man at times, but always wears nice clothing. She has sex and drinks good drinks, too.