Thursday, November 02, 2006


I got many serious e-mail messages in response to my post about the Calorie Restriction Diet yesterday. An example:

I did very briefly scan the article but, gosh, why add one more burden to my life? I’m not so much interested in maintenance (‘cept w/ my car) as I am w/ living. I know there’s a balance but when so much of one’s life is involved in working (and commuting) the last thing one wants to think about is bodily maintenance. D’rather practice piano or set up my sewing machine table than spend time shopping for and cooking healthy calorie restrictive meals. I know it’s wrong of me but…

The last thing I meant to do was inspire guilt. The diet was something I had been wondering about in theory only. You would have to have many interests outside food to be able to carry it off. To reassure you, I'm re-posting a photo of the real me (above).